1. When I was traveling through Europe this past summer, my friends and I stayed at a small hostel near Moulin Rouge where they had one of those 3-person elevators and narrow, spiral staircase which we often had to climb to our 6th floor room. 

    I remember walking down to the basement for breakfast after the first night and receiving a big croissant, another piece of bread and an empty cup for coffee and a bowl for some very chocolatey cereal - which was a very big change - the only country I went to that didn’t serve some kind of meat for breakfast. Or maybe it was just that hostel, who knows. But the point is, Paris didn’t disappoint me with its small portions (in comparison to Germany) and the classic serving of the croissant. So french. The cereal was so sweet and coffee rich. 

    I know this is bad iPhone quality but you can tell that the hostel had such a homey feel to its little basement dinning area. And you can also tell why I gained 10 lbs in Europe. Oh breakfast.

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